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    Our Canteen operates 5 days a week, providing recess and lunch.
  • The P&C manages the Canteen and employs casual paid supervisor and assistants – volunteers are always encouraged.
  • The NSW Healthy School canteen strategy requires that the canteens to offer a range of healthy food and drinks consistent with the Australian Dietary Guidelines for Children and Adolescents.
  • Order via QKR by 8.30am of each morning.
  • There are special lunch items on certain days:-
    • Sushi is available every Monday and Wednesday, IF ordered by 8.30am the previous Friday
    • Tasty Tuesday is a special lunch order for every Tuesday and must be ordered by 8.30 am the previous Friday
  • Changes in menu can occur at any time


Phone: 02 9874 9461 or email:


  • your child forgets to bring their recess or lunch, they should speak to their teacher who will arrange food from the canteen. An invoice will be issued to the student to pass on to their parents.
  • you need to cancel your lunch order because your child is unwell, please call the canteen. If the food has not been made you will be able to arrange to move your lunch order to another day.
  • your child has allergies. The school will inform and provide the canteen the students who have any food allergies. In addition to this, we will be adding a section into QKR to show you the ingredients list.

Click here for our Canteen Menu - updated January 2020